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nortoncomesetup.com is a setup guide property all the content on the site is subjected to copyright.we are not affiliated or associated with any third party brands or company. the names used in the content “Norton” or “Symantec”is only for reference purpose.
We also hearby declare that are not associated or affiliated with Symantec or any of its Norton products or services. The use of the name, products and services is only for reference and information purposes. We are in no way having any relation with Symantec or any other company. This website is a setup guide and purely for informational Purposes only.

Policy Agreement by nortoncomesetup.com

nortoncomesetup.com is an Online platform for information and education purposes. This platform is dedicated and made completely for Information and Test purposes. This platform is the Registered entity of nortoncomesetup.com ©2019 Www.norton.com/setup
www.nortoncomesetup.com is mainly used by the users to gather information about and regarding Norton service and products. This website has all the information related to Norton products and service.

We do not collect any information regarding the customers that related to Norton products and service.

Symantec and the logos of Norton are purely for information and representational purposes.

nortoncomesetup.com is a setup page for help and other purposes to help people providing guide and information with Norton Product Setup, this help page is in no way related to Symantec or any other company.

nortoncomesetup.com help page is dedicated to Norton Setup and Activation help and is managed by 3rdParty higher ranking members of our team.

We do not require any payments from customers that use norton products or service or are trying to use norton products.

We do not pretend or imitate or act like Symantec in any way.

We do not resell Symantec Products or any other Service.

We do not provide any information to anyone about Symantec Customers or any other customer of any sort.

We do not collect data through forms or manipulate customers who have bought any norton product or serive.

We do not collect data for sales and support.

Any customer or company having any query about nortoncomesetup.com can contact admin at Setup@nortoncomesetup.com .

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